Department of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Kasetsart University

Civil engineering is regarded as both arts and science of development and is considered as the first branch of engineering in the history of mankind. It is also the foundation of the future as it is about the science of planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, the basis for the country’s development. Civil engineers are therefore always in demand through the ages.

The department of civil engineering, faculty of engineering, Kasetsart University is one of the leading producers of the country’s civil engineers; in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.For several consecutive years, it has had the highest score in the Central University Admission System.

It is our Mission to attain ASEAN leadership in the production of proficient engineers for the region’s development through high standard of teachingand research. We also aim to serve the society through being the source of knowledge, technology and innovation in the field of civil engineering.

Throughout the past 40 years, the department has produced a great number of engineers who have served the society in various capacity. These alumni play important roles in the various organizations both within the country and abroad. This is because we have always beencommitted to the continuous search for and the dissemination of knowledge and, above all, the strive for excellence in the production of engineers for the society and the country.


Associate Professor Dr.Wanchai Yodsudjai
Head of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Kasetsart University