Sustainable Urban Development

Land use micro-simulation,
Sustainable policy evaluation,
Decision support system building,
Integrated land use/transportation planning,
Impact of transportation on urban development,
Transit oriented development & smart growth concepts


ITS in Smart Cities

Advanced public transit system,
automatic road enforcement system,
transportation demand management,
vehicle to vehicle communication,
intelligent parking management system,
GPS-based traffic analytics, incident management


High Speed Rail Systems

special trip generator,
induced-demand, transport demand modelling,
accessibility,choice modelling, travel behavior



Freight Modeling and International Logistics

Intermodel freight transportation,
Freight network analysis and optimization,
Freight demand model,Logistics behavior modeling,
Innovative strategies for improving freight mobility,
Freight infrastructure performances and operations,
Advanced information technology in freight management,
Decision support for freight infrastructure and economic implications,


Pavement technology , highway material and
Highway maintenance

Pavement design, Asphalt pavement,
New technology construction highway,
Warm mix, Para(latex),Master batch, APA ,Superpave,
Highway materail, highway maintenance, Roughness,
Monitoring Application with remote sensing and GIS,